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It's of no doubt business is one of the driving forces of the world. Business applies in health, technology,law, politics, social science etc.

Almost every field in Ii world was built on this main foundation. This means earning a business degree is going to be a very good Investment for you in the long run.

However, not all business degrees are high paying and so you need to get to know the best in order to make good decisions. In This post, I discuss with you some of the highest paying business degrees you can get from a college or university. 

Finance and Accounting

One of the highest paying business degrees in the world is finance and accounting. Finance degrees and accounting can be very similar in many aspects but they've slight differences.

Finance degree teaches students to gain skills and understand banking, trading and some economics. It also teaches students about money and investments. On the other side, accounting teaches students with respect to knowledge related to accountancy.

This includes making business decisions, understanding commerce or trade and finance. With an accounting degree, you can end up as an accountant which can make you About $73,560 a year as a beginning salary and even more during mid career.

Whereas a financial analyst can make around $83,000 per year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. A combination of finance and accounting is going to earn you even more income. 

International business

With increasing globalization of businesses nowadays, majoring in an international business degree won't be a bad choice.

International business degree teaches students how to operate a business in an international context.

They learn how to expand business across different countries and cultures. With this degree, you can end up working in a different country apart from your own country.

An international business graduate can earn anywhere from $69,000 averagely. 

Quantitative Economics

An Economics degree is a social science degree that studies How people interact with production and distribution of goods.

They also study things like unemployment and inflation.

A quantitative Economics degree is a more advanced form of economics which uses mathematical and statistical analysis to analyse economic phenomena.

The average salary of a graduate of a quantitative Economics degree is about $116,020 per year. 


Marketing is another popular business degree which has a very good paying rate. Marketing degree is all about, as the name suggests, promoting a company's products and services to the general public in order to help the company land enough customers.

Marketing incorporates other skills such as public relations, Communications, psychology, advertising and others.

A marketing manager is estimated to make around $142,000 each year by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Quantitative business analysis

A quantitative business analyst plans, designs and develops complex mathematical models in order to help companies make decisions.

Business analysis is one of the most important aspects of every growing business in the world.

With a quantitative business analysis degree, you're going to need to have a good understanding of mathematical concepts and how to apply them in helping businesses solve problems and make analysis. A quantitative business analyst makes around $106,000 per year on average. 

Business information Technology

A business information technology degree is a combination of a business and Information Technology knowledge.

This degree allows you to learn these two important concepts together. They provide you with the skills that will make you use information technology knowledge in making decisions in Businesses.

Students pursuing this degree will learn information technology, programming, business and other concepts. The average salary of a business information Technologist is $67,000 per year in the United States according to Glassdoor. 


Conclusively, business degrees are very great degrees you can get and they promise huge return on investment.

However, you should go in for the best in a field whenever you're trying to venture into that field. Finance and accounting, quantitative Economics, business information technology, marketing and quantitative business analysis are some of the highest paying business Degrees and definitely worth the investment. Thank you. 

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