Could This Be The End Of JubJub? His Cousin Sister Reveals A Sh0cking Truth. - See What She Said.

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Shortly after Amanda Du Pont showed the video of herself exposing Jub Jub for abusing and mistreating her for two years, several more women told similar stories.

Finally, a young woman claiming to be Jub Jub's cousin mustered the courage to share her side of the story.

Bonokuhle Mtsweni published a photo of herself with Jub Jub on Instagram and Twitter. She didn't say much about what he did to her, but she did leave a mysterious caption: "I think it's time you checked your DMs, Amanda Du Pont."

She also posted the photo to her Instagram account, saying that he sexually abused her when she was 17 or 18.

Immediately, everyone assumed she was another of his innumerable victims. Men called her an attention-seeking liar, while women expressed their support in the comments area.

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