Grisly Accident Occurs as Nakuru 14 Seater Matatu Rams Into A Truck

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Photo courtesy; taken at the scene

Road accidents has been a thing to be talked of in a while. This had been as a result of recklessness of drivers or unintentional errors. Recently accidents have been on the rise. The National transport Authority has done a great job in maintaining the roads, a measure to ensure safety while on the roads.

Today a 14 seater matatu from Nakuru has rammed into a truck which was making a turn into a petrol station nearby. Reports given by sikika road safety Facebook page, the post confirms of the incident which occurred some few hours ago. The matatu is seen to be seriously damaged at the rear.

It's suspected that the driver was on a high speed making him unable to make a stop, a move to prevent the accident. The driver was immediately ferried to a nearby hospital. He is feared to have major injuries which might lead a succumb to death.

Drivers and pedestrians have been advised to be on the lookout not to be met by accidents while using the roads. Human error has been the major cause of the accidents thus pleading for carefullness.

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