Bernard Parker and his lovely family Sunday.

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The Parkers are well and happy.

We see his showing off his dribbling skills when he's at work, now let's meet his growing sons and wife. Sunday is Parker family day, below are a variety of pictures taken of the family enjoying some family time.

The 34 years old soccer star spends alot of time with his family which includes his supportive wife, Wendy Parker and their two sons.

Bernard Parker is a South African soccer player who is one of the most loved and celebrated soccer star we have. He plays the positions of a midfielder or striker for Kazier Chiefs.

Wendy and Bernard have been married since June 2012 during a small ceremony and have since never looked back. The two also run a business together, they specialist in kinetics which are vital for everyone including his colleagues.

In other news, it se tropical cyclone Eloise is unleashing its terror, how are you holding up?

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