Here's The New Bulletproof Vehicle Of Doumbouya: Is He Living Lavishly Or Making The Same Mistakes?

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Many could remember through historical knowledge how the streets of numerous African countries were filled with joyous people celebrating their freedom from colonial rule but today, you could barely see people celebrating this freedom after several years. Can we blame this on our erstwhile colonial rulers or on the incompetence of the political elite who didn't help matters?

Africa with its independent countries have a lot of resources both mineral and human Resources, part of which has been exploited by politicians for a lavish lifestyle. Guinean deposed octogenarian President, Alpha Conde is believed to have indulged in huge spending with his cronies who endorsed his third term bid. It was this and the blatant corruption activities which compelled Doumbouya to launch a coup against him.

Fast forward, the man who claims to be fighting for the Guinean people by demanding accountability and transparency, is himself captured on camera riding in a bullet-proof four-wheel-drive vehicle which is guarded by his loyal soldiers. This armoured vehicle looks stylish and many critics are wondering if yes indeed, the soldier is in to fulfil his presidential ambition or to work for the country.

In most African countries, there is endless corruption, nepotism, killings, insurgence and unemployment and poverty. An average African can no longer afford two meals a day; At times universities are on strike because of poor funding, yet we have our politicians living lavishly on our state wealth. Fuel prices are rising sharply even when we have oil.

Unstable power supply remain the order of the day; our graduates can no longer get jobs after school. The few jobs out there have now been politicized and getting a government job without knowing a politician is nearly impossible on our continent. Should we rather wish we were still being colonized? 

Guinea, as a country has it's own challenges and a greater number of the citizens are looking forward to an improvement in their livelihood. With this display of lavishness by the interim president, will he help matters or follow in the footsteps of his predecessor? Only time will tell.

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