Popular Blogger Comes to David Ndii's Rescue


Former National Super Alliance (NASA) coalition economic strategist David Ndii has been under attack from Kenyans after he met with Deputy President Dr William Ruto.

Ndii has in the past been a serious criticizer of the second in command. He has always been posting on his Twitter account posts that are directly an attack to Ruto.

For the last two days, Ndii was among the leaders who were having a meeting with Dr William Ruto. This invited serious criticisms from Kenyans.

However, Raila Odinga's strong supporter, blogger Abraham Mutai has come out to defend Ndii's decision.

According to Mutai, only fools never change their minds and opinions thus people should stop attacking him (Ndii) for supporting Ruto.

“David Ndii is allowed to change his mind. I don't expect many to understand but attacking him for supporting William Ruto tells us we are yet to grow politically. Only fools NEVER change their opinions. David Ndii, continue pursuing that you believe is right for you and country,” Lord Abraham Mutai.

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