Two Tertiary Students "Chop" A Slay Queen In A Hostel


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It is much surprising that all of a sudden morality in the country has suddenly deteriorated. We can not really know the reason for this sudden change. The interesting thing is students who most people presume to be more discipline and obedient are the ones doing the unthinkables.

Earlier today, TheProgrammeNews chanced on a video which is really making waves. In the video, two students are seen 'taking turns' on a lady purported to be a slay queen. The funny thing about this video is that these guys forgot to close their window which made someone captured them whiles in the act.

When this video hit, the internet many Ghanaians have expressed their thoughts about it. According to some people, the guys really did well by showing their "waist prowess" on the lady whiles others also condemn the act.

The question we are asking is that "is it good for students to indulge in such act?

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