R30 000 Reward To Anyone Who Can Help Find This Stolen Car

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Now that the hijack and theft of cars in many communities seems to be continuing without any sign of stopping anytime soon cos the thugs are now even going for some new types of cars they never really targeted before, Have you ever sat back and wondered what this means to those shops loose they cars to the thugs since we all know that the police and tracking companies are sometimes weak and inshort of resources to recover the stolen cars?

Well it looks like car owners who will be loosing cars to thugs shall now have to resort to giving out rewards to the public to assist getting they rides and talking about rewards there is one for R30 000 as we speak (refer to the pics attached below)

Well according to my source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/240361707362692/permalink/870297184369138/?app=fbl, The German machine you see up there has been hijacked just yesterday in Midrand and not only was the car taken from the owners, The owners belongings has been forcefully taken by the thugs as they were inside the car when the unfortunate event of car hijack rocked up and now a word is been sent out to the public to look out, Anyone who shall provide any information which will lead to the recovery of this Benz shall get R30 000

Looking at this whole reward thing what does this ring in your head ? I mean doesn't this mean that our police and tracking companies are very weak to a point wereby nobody even trust them now? With all this being this way what is it that you think should be done to help restore hope and trust in them?

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