Sassa revealed the reasons for delaying payments this Monday, January 24 2022.

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A press release for immediate release: January 24, 2022

Delays in dealing with COVID-19 Grant Reconsiderations as cash send clients are told to switch to bank accounts in order to speed up the process of getting paid.

SASSA has been having problems with reconsiderations for the COVID-19 SRD Grant. If an applicant thinks that the decision not to give him or her a grant was wrong and that he or she meets the requirements for the grant, he or she must ask for the decision to be changed. It is important to tell people who apply for the grant that it is only for people who don't get money from any other source. It is not meant to "add on" to support that has already been given.

"We have to do a means test when we look at the requests of people who didn't get the job." This is where the banks come in, because they have to make sure that the applicant doesn't get any money from any other source. Due to delays in hiring banks to do means testing, as well as other things, reconsiderations are taking longer than they should. We are doing everything we can to get this delay over with as soon as possible. During this time, we ask for patience and restraint from people who have been affected by the process. Dianne Dunkerley, Executive Manager: Grants Administration, said this to People.

People who applied for a special COVID-19 SRD grant and chose to pay with cash should switch to either their own bank accounts or the Post Office to make sure their grants are paid quickly. SASSA hasn't made the cash send payment option yet because it's a service that the banks offer, and SASSA is still negotiating with the banks about how to pay them. When the grant was over, we had to go through a procurement process again to start a new project. "Unfortunately, this whole thing has pushed back the contracting process a lot," said Dunkerley. But SASSA is very busy because of all the delays that people are having.



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