"Unite Quickly Before Time Runs Out," DP Ruto Ally Now Tells NASA Principals After Raila's Plea


Politicians are now rushing to take sides ahead of the 2022 general election.Every politician is determined to be elected next year.However,the electorates have the final say.

Parties are pushing forward for winning coalitions as perceived by them.OKA alliance that brings Kalonzo,Mudavadi,Gideon and Wetangula has hit the road running.They have promised to give DP Ruto some sleepless nights next year August.

President Kenyatta has brought confusions among the people who thought that he would endorse them.He recently said that he will endorse one of the NASA Principals.This statement has now led to calls for unity among the NASA team.Unfortunately,the Principals are still separately playing it hard.

Today,The Standard Newspaper has written about Raila Odinga calling for the NASA Principals to unite or perish in the coming election.This call has been echoed with some politicians such as Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu.

Raila's Plea to NASA Principals has now caught the attention of Soi MP Caleb Kositany who has now laughed off Raila's Plea to NASA Principals on the unity call.He urges them to unite quickly since time is running out.

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