The sentence of Maryam Sanda: lessons to be learnt.

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The judgmental sentence of Maryam Sanda to death by hanging for killing her husband Bilyaminu, son of former National PDP chairman Mr Haliru Bello has brought us cold feet.

November 19 2017, stabbed her husband to death following an allegation of infidelity against him after seeing a text message and nude photos on his phone.

Toxic relationship will drain you don't let it kill you, leave when you can, love never is never enough reason to telorate abuse especially if the are not willing to change or do better,in this case there is no victor no vanquished,both of them have had their lives cut short.

Their family are left to mourn and accept reality they will wish never happened.

A similar act occurred at kastina state were a 19 year old stabbed her husband to death.

She Is still under investigation, all her neighborhood confirm she was seen with a knife in her hand.

Little things to know before starting a relationship or getting married.

Marriage is for matured minded people, people who can understand and communicate

1. Fear God.


3. Get rid of jealous

4. Anger management

5. Patience

6. Hostilities in a relationship is prohibited

7. Telorate

8. Don't take laws into your hands.

9. No invasion of privacy

Anybody who loves someone won't think of harming you.

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