Can you Share your Bathing Sponge with Your Girlfriend? - Read the Surprising Answers Men Gave


There are lovely things couples can do together. Doing romantic things improves the relationship and makes the couple happy. However, some key things have been under heavy criticism and debate.

One of such things is sharing of personal items. Some say this boils down to personal preference but others are of the view that it should be a standard things for all persons.

Sharing of sponge is one thing which has also been debated heavily. Someone made a post to know people's opinion about this.

He posted on Facebook saying, Can you share your bathing sponge with your girlfriend. This post was flooded with numerous comments and this gives a clear answer to this question.

Almost 82% of the 400 comments said they will and they see nothing wrong with it. One person said that he is actually doing it.

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