Breakfast Trends In Ghana


Breakfast is usually the first food we eat in the morning before we leave for our various workplaces and schools. Ghanaian breakfast usually goes with a slice of bread. Ghanaians usually consume tea bread, butter bread and brown bread. However you can still find cocoa bread, milk bread and cake bread which are somehow scarce to find in most communities. 

The bread is sometimes complemented with fried egg, margarine, butter or groundnut paste. Aside from bread, some breakfasts are taken with 'koose' or 'bofrot'(puff puff) whereas some will decide to take the beverage without bread. 

Early in the mornings, you find long queues of people waiting to buy the millet porridge (hausa kooko) or other forms of breakfast. Most Ghanaians seem to like early morning 'hausa kooko' or millet porridge because it is the most affordable for all classes of citizens. It can be prepared at home if one wants to but because of time, people usually prefer to buy it outside. It is usually served with sugar but some people go the extra mile of adding milk and groundnuts. The millet porridge is usually taken with 'koose'  or 'masa'. This is soaked beans that has been grinded to form a paste and fried deep in oil. Most Ghanaians would prefer to complement the 'hausa kooko' with the 'koose'  because that is its indigenous complement. However, complementing it with 'bofrot' (puff puff)  or bread still makes it delicious. 

Also, some people would love to take maize porridge which is called 'mmore kooko' with bread. The maize porridge is usually prepared from corn dough that has been boiled into thick liquid. This porridge is also served with milk and sugar with groundnut (optional). It is usually complemented with any kind of bread of your choice. This porridge is also the first form of breakfast that is fed to babies that do not undergo exclusive breastfeeding in their first six months. The babies usually take this with their baby milk products without sugar. 

We also have the 'ekuegbemi'  or 'eyoo', a breakfast prepared from corn, without its pericarp. This breakfast is usually enjoyed as late breakfast because it is the kind that is still available when it is almost noon. This type of breakfast usually goes with sugar, milk and groundnuts, with or without bread. 

Tom Brown, another irresistible Ghanaian breakfast, prepared from our roasted corn and groundnuts that have been milled dry. Others like to mill it with all the available grains and cereals, giving it a more unique and irresistible taste. It is also boiled within a few minutes and served with sugar and milk with any kind of bread. 

Rice porridge is also a sumptuous breakfast meal preferably called rice water. This is also taken with sugar and milk with bread(optional). 

Ghanaian breakfast does not overlook our indigenous cocoa powder which is turned into cocoa tea. We have different brands of cocoa powder products such as milo, richoco and this way. Coca tea is usually the easiest to prepare since all you need is to add hot water to the mixture of cocoa powder, sugar and milk. This can be complemented with bread or any pastry of one's choice. 

However, Ghanaians also consume breakfast that are not indigenous Ghanaian foods like oats, semolina and cornflakes. Above all that has been said, some people think these breakfast beverages are too light and for that matter prefer to eat any indigenous Ghanaian heavy food for breakfast. 

By: Grace Opoku