Why Rhinos Are Mostly Transported By Helicopters While Upside Down

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Relocating animals is a common thing done to the wild animals. Relocation is done because of many reasons the main one being security. Any animal can be relocated when its security violated and different methods are used.

Rhinos are one of the endangered animal species and for this reason they are highly protected. Because their numbers have reduced dramatically, they are being taken to areas where rangers can keep watch over them all the time.

Over short distances animals are transported using helicopters while hanging upside down. Why do you think this is done. One reason is because this way the animal can get enough air as it is in its unconscious state. Tracks don't provide enough space as the animals are very big and it can suffocate.

Another reason is that transporting them by an helicopter is easy and fast. It only involves tying the animal by the ankles after it has been sedated which can take only three people to do. Using a truck will require many people to lift the animal into the truck.

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