BBNaija:Prince reveals to Ebuka that he was once a barber; what ever you are doing, do it well

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Prince who was evicted on Sunday is a multi-talented person. He was mostly know in the house for making hair for women and cutting hair for the men. 

After his eviction, Ebuka had a one on one chat with him regarding his plans now that he is out of the house. Ebuka was more interested in Prince Idea of having a saloon. He asked Prince if the idea came when he was in the house or before he came into the house. Prince responded by telling him that most of the ideas he has now was before he came into the house. But the hair cut idea came in when he was in the house. 

Prince further told Ebuka that he already had the skills of cutting hair. That in 2012, he worked as a barber for one year before entering the university. Even though he had the skills, he never used it till he came into the house. 

He really learnt the hair cut well, because he shined in the house with the skill. And he is indeed good at it. 


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