Beauty Speaks; Ghanaian Female Celebrities Who Are Blessed With Huge Curves


It is an undisputable incontrovertible fact that African women are naturally blessed curves. An average African woman around the age of 18 years is blessed some generous curves which is enough to draw in the other partner. That being said, most of female celebrities in Ghana are blessed with some generous curves.

While some have resorted to cosmetic surgery to urge the curves, there are those that were naturally born with the curves. We have compiled a list of the top five female celebrities in Ghana with the most curves, and it should be noted that this list was made based on personal observations. It's obvious women with curves are becoming all the eye now. What are we waiting for? Let's dig in.

5. Joselyn Dumas

The fifth person on the list is the gorgeous Dumas, she is an actress and a television host also, she is natural endowed with huge backside at least, fifth on this list isn't bad.

4. Princess Shyngle

Number four on the list is Princess Shyngle. The actress has been known for her curves for a short time now. She was even accused of wearing hip pads to intensify her hips. Shyngle has a very nice curvaceous body which makes her a part of this list.

3. Fella Makafui

Number 3 is not any aside from YOLO star Fella Makafui who got married to Ghanaian rapper, Medikal. She definitely used her curves to grab Medikal from Sister Derby who is equally beautiful. Talking about curves, Fella Makafui got it all, and do not be surprise to ascertain her on the list as her picture above says it all.

2. Juliet Ibrahim

Number two on the list is the beautiful TV presenter and actress. Juliet Ibrahim's curves has drawn several attentions from men and ladies alike. She is a full package of beauty with brains. No wonder she's on the list as her photo proves it.

1. Hajia Bintu

Finally, the one that tops the list is TikTok star, Hajia Bintu. She is one celebrity whose fashion sense is usually on point. Despite being accused of getting a butt implant, she keeps turning heads together with her beauty and curves. Aside from being a curvaceous lady, she is also beautiful and lovely.

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