Furious Students Of Othaya High Storm Out Of School After Destroying Foodstuffs At 5 AM

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Students have begun being unruly yet again after the mid term break which was supposed to give them some time off from books and school compounds.

Students of Othaya Boys High school decided to go on a strike rampage as they broke into the school's food store, destroyed foodstuff and stormed out of the school compound.

According to reliable reports, the unruly students woke up at 5 am early today and begun their strike. They first stormed into the school's food store, destroyed all foodstuffs and then marched out of the school after their long night unrest and rampage.

The reports claim that their extreme unrest was calmed down by the heavy rainfall which deterred them from causing more damage to the school property.

"Fate of learning at Othaya Boys High School unknown after a long night unrest. The unruly students are said to have broken into school food store, destroyed foodstuffs before marching out of school compound at around 5. 00am. 

Heavy rains around that time could not deter them from engaging in mischief. More details to follow." The reports stated.

What should be done to completely do away with this menace of mischievous students?

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