Why Ankles And Elbows Look Dark And How You Can Get Rid Of Them Naturally

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Elbows, knees and other joint areas in our bodies ate often dark and most of us don't like it. Some people will do all it takes to get rid of the dark spots. However, this is not always successful because the effect is natural.

Why do you think the skin on the elbows and knuckles is darker? One of the reasons is that the skin on these parts is thicker than the other parts of the body. It also has a lot of folds because of the joints and this adds to the darkness. These parts also don't produce oil like the skin in other areas of the body and this leaves the skin there very dry.

Poor general body hygiene is also responsible for adding up the dark color in the elbows and knuckles. How then do you get rid of the dark color naturally? You might never make them look like the other skin but you can reduce the dark color. One way to do this is by scrapping the excess skin. This is done by washing with health products that act as exfoliators.

After a bath don't forget to apply a moisturizer on your knees and elbows. It will help lighten the dark color. Most people don't do this. Follow the page to receive notifications when new articles have been published daily.

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