Remember "The Beard Lady" Check Out Why She Did Not Get Rid Of The Beards And Her Recent Photos

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 Harnaam Kaur also known as the beautiful woman with beard that is suspectedly suffering from a medical condition called polycystic which is reportedly caused by the male hormones know to be responsible for facial hair growth.

Harnaam Kaur was given birth to in the year 1990 November 29.

According to the reports she started experiencing the rare condition when she was five years old.

Instead of her condition to limit her everyday life activities, she has make use of the condition as an opportunity to attract more audience to herself , as she has became popular as each year goes bye.

she is know to be a motivational speaker and also social media influencer.

According to my source, she was initially planning to get rid of her beards due to bully and constant stigma, after several attempt of persistent failure , she has decided to accept the fact that she will have to leave with the beards for the rest of her life and now she currently a spokesperson for the body positivity movement.  

The beard lady has just recently did some photoshoot for rock and roll bride.

check some of the photos below:- 

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