The Surgery Department Of The Biggest National Referral Hospital Is In Bad Standing - A Plus


The issue of government starting a project in August to allow citizens to donate 100 cedis monthly towards the establishment of the National cathedral has sparked so many arguments.

Some citizens think this is not necessary but others think otherwise.

A Plus in his early statement said he was also taking 100 cedis monthly for the 88 district hospitals, indicating that there were other things of National importance than the cathedral.

This sparked the hash tag cathedral vrs hospitals.

Just today A Plus took to his Facebook page to upload a picture of a structure in deplorable state and Captioned " This is the Department of Surgery of the biggest national referral hospital in Ghana, a country where the government has asked citizens to donate 100 cedis monthly to build a church for their sky daddy".

Emphasising the fact that, there are still issues of National interest than the cathedral

What is your take on this issue ?

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