Top challenges Kenyans are facing as revealed in this current survey

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Kenyans from different parts of the country have participated in the current survey conducted by Radio Africa Group on the top issues affecting them.

Life has not been the same since Covid-19 hit Kenya and here are the top challenges Kenyans are facing :

High cost of living

This is the top most challenge Kenyans are experiencing right now sitting at 62.3% as different commodity prices keep shooting higher as politicians in their campaigns have promised to ensure that Kenyans will be saved from the cruel economy when elected in the August polls.


In the survey conducted, many Kenyans lack jobs as the unemployment rate rises each and every year as 16.3% of the respondents feel so as shown in the polls.


11.0% of the respondents feel that corruption is also one of the top challenges or issues Kenyans are going through as many leaders tend to run away from the cases against them without any accountability.

Poverty follows at 2.7%, food insecurity at 2.1%, poor health care at 2.0% while others fall at 3.5% in the survey as posted by the Star.

Kenyans are only having 75 days to the general elections in August 9 and the choice of making better decisions for the sake of the country's future is in their hands, that is, electing leaders who have citizens' best interests at heart.

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