4 Important points to note when making a food timetable

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It is of paramount importance to have a meal plan, however, one should not just jump into creating the food time table without some important things in mind. These things are pionts and should be at the fore front of the food plan.

Following these points strictly go a long way in birthing a perfect food timetable. Check them out below:

1. Your finances/pocket

This is a very relevant point to consider because you cannot purchase any foodstuff if there is no money. Futhermore, you have to plan according to what you have in your pocket so as to avoid dissapointment and embarrassment.

2. Your health

Staying healthy is one of the keys to a long and happy life. What we eat affects our health so, while planning a meal timetable we should always consider the one that suits our present state of health. For example, people with diabetes, ulcer, hypertension, anaemia, gout, kidney disease, e.t.c have special diets that they should stick with.

3. Available time

It's not just about drafting a food plan but having the time to prepare these dishes. While making the meal plan, consider your time schedule.

4. Health implications of the food

When you are preparing a food time table, you ought to consider if it will be damaging or beneficial to your health. This is important so you do not eat to your death.

As I had earlier stated, follow the points and enjoy a wonderful meal plan.

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