Is It By Force To Do Fasting


The Kano state hisbah board have arrested 8 people at Tubun murtala in nassara local government area for refusing to do the Ramadan fasting.

The Executive director of the bored Dr Aliyu Kibiya, confirmed the arrset in a statement signed by malam Lawali Ibrahim public relations officer of the bored in Kano on Thursday.

Kibiya said the arrest were made following report resident of the area, there were five females and three males eating in the afternoon in the precious month of Ramadan it further explained that the board will continue to conduct raids in all parts of the state to curb the development.

While some people are commenting on social media that it is not by force to do fasting it is by choice to do it.

Many Muslims are against this why will they break the law of Ramadan by eating on that faithful month.

We should obey our religion and keep there law.


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