Online love is true!.Meet Kisii Man who met her Carribean queen online and later married her.

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A Thriving couple page on facebook has warmed the hearts of many over the years. The page is known for spreading positive vibe when it comes to issues of relationship and love.

A middle age lady by the name Caverne Donnette from Caribbean island. Shared her candid story on how she met with her kisii bae and how she moved into the country. She called it a journey of tears and pain.

She clearly started that they met back in 2014 through an online platform called tagged. She flew into the country where they got married. She ended up staying in Kenya for four years before she left with her family back to her country so that she could continue pursuing her career as health practioneer.

She said that her family will return back to Kenya when they will be financially stable. The story was really an eye opener to many. People have really given up on finding love online.

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