A Father Of Five Cuts Open His Own Stomach-Find out what happened to him


There have been series of deaths in the country lately. Two reports of two girls getting killed by their boyfriends surfaced on the internet not long ago.

Today on Adomfm's Afternoon news another shocking death was announced. Odartey a man in his forties was found dead in his room today. According to sources he has attempted severally to take his own life for the past year but has failed.

He is a mason by profession and a father of five. A Witness narrated that his wife left him and he has never been the same since.

The night before his death, he purchased a packet of blades from a nearby shop. knowing his track record the shop attendant questioned him on what he was going to use the blade for. He informed her that he was running errands for someone.

Odartey was found by family members with his intestines hanging out. He was barely alive when he was found. The ambulance service was called upon but they arrived a bit late.

It is yet to be determined what actually caused him to take his own life because witnesses claimed he was of sound mind.

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