7 Common Fashion Mistakes Made By Males

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Fashion: Common fashion mistakes (Males)

Waking up everyday trying to look good and adorable isn't easy at times as one forget to do one or two things to make the dressing fabulous. These are usually known as Fashion mistake and everyone should avoid them. This isn't peculiar to the male alone but both genders should keep watch on it so they won't have themselves being embarrassed in public places.

Below are seven Fashion Mistakes made by males

1. Sneakers on native attire: Everyone loves wearing Snickers but when putting on a native attire both up and down, avoid wearing Snickers with it as this doesn't match but ruins the outfit.

A comfortable shoes ,palm or a good looking sandal is better. One should only wear Snickers if the native attire is worn with a jeans trouser or short jeans.

2. Socks on Sandal: Wearing of socks on Sandal is prohibited. This doesn't look presentable at all and should therefore be avoided.

3. Cap on Native wear: There should be no wearing of face-cap on natives.

4. No to sewing of tight fitted Native trousers: Your native attire trousers are different from your jeans trousers so avoid sewing your trousers in pencil jeans styles.

5. Cross bags on Native: There should be no wearing of cross bags on Native. A male shoulder bag is better or a wallet.

6. Take care of what you have: Looking good to please a lady is stressful . As a young guy, you shouldn't go the extra mile to please anyone.

Take out your second-used clothes, wash them,iron them and love them, only then will you realize that you are more presentable than those who are wearing Twenty thousand dollars shirt. You shouldn't live to please anyone.

7. No to unkempt hair and beards: Beards are very good on some male and that's because of how the take care of it. You shouldn't leave your beard busy and your hair unkempt, that's not fashionable enough.

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