After the president has addressed the nation, this is what people need to know:

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Church regulation coming back through back door, Task team looking at making vaccination mandatory for certain sectors, THESE certain FACTORS will include Church and religious gathering...

Kanti, where are the opposition parties? What happened to, "People shall govern?

From the beginning the opposition parties have been quite when it comes to COVID-19 and it's regulations. I don't expect them to say anything now. They are sellouts.The opposition is no opposition at all. They are just keeping the country busy. One team, different kits.

People shall govern only when it suits the presidency...So far I haven't vaccinated and am not even ready, But then ko chabela kae he bare vaccine e mandatory at work places😥😥😭😭😭

So variants are caused by the unvaccinated folks?

They think we don't know science. This new variant became quickly available after elections. Something is fishy.

Nonsense it's a public knowledge that these strains are brought by vaccinated people... We are not stupid and these COVID nonsense won't affect us anymore.

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