"I Also Want A Prisoner For Myself, They Seem To be Better": Opinion

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My friends and family always wonder why i say this, or whether i am mentally stable. They judge me every now and then and they are clouded with confusion for some time.

But it is something i have always wished and thought of, because i am sure that everyone has their own fantasy that they wish would come true one day.

My very own fantasy is to get a prisoner for myself, and i dont even know my reasons for this too so i wouldnt know how to explain it to someone else.

But i know that i always wish for someday to have a prisoner as my husband or boyfriend, because i know he would have learnt a lot in life with his time in prison.

Other than someone who doesnt know the hardships of this world, those kinds of people think everything revolves around them and the world is steady if they dont get attention.

I also want a prisoner for myself because they seem to be better in every way, even in their hearts they are kind and always good.


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