Meet The 5 Curviest Ghanaian Celebrities In 2021; Checkout Some Hot Photos Of Them


Body figure play a role in the perception of beauty in our African world. We perceive beauty in a female's body to be possession of wider hips, small waist, good character and good-looking face. African curvy women are massively adored by a lot of people in this world and Ghanaian celebrities are listed among these curvy women in Africa. In this article I will be bringing you with the 5 curviest Ghanaian celebrities in 2021.


The trailblazing and redefining beauty queen, Mona Montrage also known as Hajia4real in the showbiz industry is one of the curvaceous celebrities in Ghana. Hajia4real is a multitalented woman who has been able to intermingle modeling together with singing as her careers. Hajia4real is one of the rising forces in the music industry who had her breakthrough with her famous song "badder than me".

Juliet Ibrahim

The Ghanaian superstar and actress Juliet is a big force to reckon with in the entertainment industry in Ghana. Juliet Ibrahim is one of Africa's finest actresses who is recognized in Europe and America as one of the most beautiful women on earth. Juliet Ibrahim had her breakthrough in the entertainment industry after her appearance in the Ghallywood movie industry. Juliet Ibrahim is not only a beauty goddess but also a full-figured woman. She is ranked among the most curvaceous celebrities in Ghana 2021.

Choqolate Gh

Choqolate Gh is one of the leading fashion models on Instagram who also doubles as a musician. A lot of people get amazed when they hear that Choqolate Gh is a musician because she doesn't display her songs on Instagram just as other musicians do. Choqolate Gh is a dancehall artiste who has a over 20 songs in her career. Some dancehall song lovers really admire her songs and I assure you her songs are just superb. Choqolate Gh is one of the curviest Ghanaian celebrities in 2021.

Purfcie Conna

The sensational Kumawood actress and movie producer Purfcie is one of the curvaceous celebrities in Ghana. Many Ghanaians call her Redconna because of her hot and saucy photos which she has been showing on Instagram. Purfcie Conna is also a freelance model and brand influencer for many companies in Ghana.

Moesha Bodoung

Moesha Bodoung is one of Ghana's hottest and curvy actresses who are gifted with enormous shapes and flawless beauty. Moesha Bodoung had her breakthrough into the limelight with her heavy endowment which she flaunts on Instagram. Moesha Bodoung is a very talented who is fluent in speaking English and Twi thus, making one of the best actresses in Ghana.

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