The Chelsea player with the most penalty goals in the Champions League this season

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Historically, Chelsea have never been known to get awarded an excessive number of penalties in the Champions League. However, this season has been a bit different.

With the advent of the video assistant referee, foul play is much more easier to spot and that has very likely led to the inflated number of penalties awarded to teams so far this season.

The Blues' penalty record so far is almost perfect. They have scored 5 out of 6 of their penalties in the Champions League which ranks them second, just behind Barcelona who have already been knocked out by Mauricio Pochettino's Paris Saint-Germain.

The player with the most penalty goals for Chelsea in this competition is Timo Werner. He is also the player who has won them most for the London club.

With Chelsea just on the verge of getting into their first Champions League semi-final in years, a penalty could be just what they need and Werner could deliver in that regard.

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