Niliambiwa Niliachwa Juu Ya Kupost Picha Ya Bikini, Bahati's Baby Mama Yvette Obura Recounts

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Yvette Obura is famously known as mama Mueni Bahati.She is a former girlfriend to Musician Bahati with whom they had a child together.However after separation, the two still agreed to do what is called co-parenting.That is the baby is taken care of by both the musician and Yvette even though they are separated.

Initially Yvette Obura used to have a bigger body.We can say she was thick and this used to give her a lot of insecurities.She however worked on her body and regained a perfect shape currently.

She recounts on her past struggles as she got trolled back then when she posted her self in a bikini, since mostly people assume those with the perfect figure look more cool in bikinis than those who are plus sized.

And to in one of her Instagram posts, a fan commented that she was looking beautiful as always and lamented that life was unfortunate since people would always judge you whether you wear long dresses or short dresses.She then advised her to be the real her always.

Yvette Obura then replied and told her, "niliambiwa niliachwa juu ya kupost picha ya bikini.. imagine Niko karibu kutembea uchi. And she laughed after that.

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