Reasons Why Most Asians Do Not Use Toilet Paper in Their Homes


In many countries, people have alternative methods rather than the use of a toilet paper. Countries like Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and India have bathrooms which contain a wide plastic dipper. In Japan there is a special toilet with a cleansing seat. The cleansing seat is used as a replacement for a bidet.

It can cause irritation

When people who have hemorrhoids or fissures use hard toilet tissue, they can irritate the area. Instead use of water is more gentle and convenient. The water helps in relieving pressure in the perianal area.

It may lead to urinary infections

When you poorly wipe yourself using a toilet paper, you can spread bacteria to yourself. Furthermore, women who wipe back to front may transfer the bacteria to the urethra. So, you can escape these issues by using something like a bidet, or a wet wipe.

It has a cultural meaning

In Islamic religion toilet etiquette is highly valued. So, many Islamic countries wash themselves using water. The same happens in India, the rule is highly respected.

It is not hygienic enough

Use of tissue paper is less hygienic compared to use of water which is more hygienic. Many Asians believe that toilet paper does not remove the faeces thoroughly, no matter how long you wipe. So, to them water is the best to use.

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