Patrick Shai's daughter says she does not understand, following the death of her father

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She is shocked at her father's passing...

Kutlwano Shai has taken it to social media to share hat she does not understand the death of her father. Kutlwano Shai thought his father was happy and doing well, not knowing that her father is battling with depression on the inside.

Patrick Shai was an actor on Skeem Saam as Sthoko and Pretty's father. He will definitely be missed in in the entertainment industry. Especially his exceptional acting skills and the laughter he use to share with his colleagues on set. Patrick Shai has definitely had an amazing life, he will surely be missed.

Patrick Shai had a misunderstanding with Cassper's fans when he challenged him for a boxing match. Patrick Shai also insulted Cassper's mother and he apologized the following day for the mistake he did. Many of Cassper's fans thought Patrick wanted money from Cassper because he was no longer getting roles on television.

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