Meet New Chinese Latest Electric Vehicle Model That Operates Itself Without Effort Of Human Being


The Chinese has once again launched an electric car which was seen on streets being driven with nobody inside the car controlling it . the car is capable of maintaining its lane and how to overtake other cars in the high way. This left most people astonished how the Chinese were capable of making such a machine. The comments of people on twitter is as follows:

Please compete fairly without using dirty tricks and buy tech from people instead of stealing. Then Chinese automakers can shine brightly on the world stage. A comment read.

Can you recharge it in a electrical storm figured out how to travel at speed of light yet? Another comment stated.

would like to partner with your company! and i love your work. Another tweet read.

Dou you think China is going to be there super power according to the latest developments they do make? Do you think they are able of taking the position from USA which is believed to be super power? You can share your thoughts and views on the matter.