Moses Kuria Set To Hold Mega Rally In Thika Stadium

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Ailing Moses Kuria seems to have recovered after the latest statement that he has issued in his official Facebook platform reminding Kenyans of an event that is set to take place in Thika stadium on 19th February. The lawmaker has been in Dubai based hospitalized in a dubai l for specialised treatment for the last few months.

Taking to his endorsed Facebook account Moses Kuria has reminded Kenyans that there will be a thanksgiving administration in Thika colosseum on18th February 2022. This is a reasonable idea that the official has retouched from the wounds that he and supported on his bases and he is prepared to return to Kenya and have a thanksgiving administration.

"Thanksgiving petition day Thika colosseum Saturday 19 February 2022. From specific retouching to National hail". Moses Kuria distributed on his endorsed Facebook account validated in the screen capture beneath that has been caught in his authorized Facebook account.

 Kuria communicated his joys after his long retouching trip, citing book of scriptures refrain, first Chronicles 16;'Oh express appreciation to the Lord for he's great, for his reliable love suffers of all time'.

Kenyans took an interest in the Joy of Moses Kuria, praising his return. They ate him back in the Country as they stay to hear further from the Legislature.

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