“We Cannot Celebrate World Press Freedom If This Issue Is Left Unresolved” – Berla Mundi


Today, Monday, May 3, 2021 is World Press freedom and all over the world countries will be celebrating the achievements of their press corps. However, can same be said about Ghana? Many have argued that there is a kind of culture of silence that is hovering over the country. The government however, insist otherwise.

On TV3's ‘New Day’, Berla Mundi, Cookie Tee and Johnny Hughes poured out their hearts out over the issues relating to the press. According to Berla, it will be difficult to say the press in Ghana is free.

“There are a lot of issues to be solved. I know that a lot of people have recently lashed out at the media for being lazy. That is quiet disappointing because the media are doing a yeoman’s job especially with the lack of resources. It may be difficult like any other institutions and we are doing our very best to put the stories out there.

We are trying but is not easy. But if you are in our seat and you know that for some reason if I should say something about someone I may not get back home because someone might cross me and end my life for calling out a politician, then sometimes you will understand us. Every job has its risks. We are not free. For me I feel until the killers of Ahmed Suale are brought to justice, we will never be free. It is world press freedom but we are not free” Berla Mundi said.

Do you agree with Berla Mundi? 

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