The First Woman To Become A Major General In The Nigerian Army

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Today’s military is much more integrated along gender lines than at any time in the past. Women are no longer excluded from any type of combat mission. They are pilots, vehicle drivers, mechanics, infantry officers, e.t.c.

Let’s admit it, when we talk or think about the Nigerian Army, many of us don’t think about women. However, women now serve in all three branches of the Nigerian Armed Forces.

In this article we'll be looking at the First Woman To Become A Major General In The Nigerian Army.

According to Wikipedia, Aderonke Kale is a Nigerian army psychiatrist who became the first female major-general in the Nigerian Army. 

Prior to that, she was the deputy commander of the Nigerian Army Medical Corps in Lagos State. Due to her hard work in the Millitary, Kale was further appointed as the First woman to hold the position of a Major General in the Nigerian Army in 1994.

Her job was to look into the psychological needs of the personnels in the Nigerian army and other administrative and management duties.

While in the Army, Kale was a close associate of IBB's chief of intelligence, Colonel Halilu Akilu.

This Amiable Physician retired in 1996 during Sani Abacha's millitary regime. Till date, Aderonke Kale remains a mentor to many Nigerian women, especially those in the Millitary.

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