Immediate Reply: Afia Schwar Quickly Replies Twene Jonas. (Watch)


In a new video, Afia Schwarzenegger responds to Twene Jonas' charges that she is spiritually obtaining water from a snake and warns people to stay away from her clean water business. She couldn't wait for things to spiral out of control before taking action. These were her statements in response to Twene Jonas:

"Some of us don't snap images of other people's luxury cars to fool individuals we owe money to. My water output is the cleanest in the country. Take a peek at the clean atmosphere to see for yourself. Have you seen my machine? I don't even keep it in the sun because you're too valuable to me and deserve to be treated with respect, right? In my facility, I also have the world's largest tank. I've got four of them."

"I am so hygienic that you are not permitted to enter my factory without first passing through a thorough hygienic inspection. This is where my employees change their uniforms before starting work in the morning. This is my personal playhouse, where I can relax if I don't feel like going home. My own floor shines brighter than someone's fate. This is my own property, which I have worked so hard to obtain. Nobody assisted me in obtaining this or in traveling abroad for money."

"I keep my water indoors for sanitary reasons since my customers are very important to me."

Twene Jonas was teased by dancing gleefully while drinking part of her water, implying that she was unconcerned with his bogus accusations.

Video here