A mother adopts 2 children: later she finds out who they really are

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A mother adopts 2 children: later she finds out who they really are

 A single Colorado woman has adopted two children. But a few months later the latter discovers who these children really are. Will this discovery affect him? We will talk about it in the rest of these lines of our article. Katia lived in Colorado and had recently divorced.

She was in her thirties and like most women wanted to have children. However, his wish seemed impossible to achieve because having gone through a difficult period after the divorce. But she still wanted to make her dream come true.

 She had moved to Colorado in order to make a fresh start. She bought a house there and had to renovate it herself. Her house was very big and she had felt every time that something was missing in this house. She knew she could fix her situation, but she took the time to make the right decision.

 in her free time she was renovating her house, which kept her busy, but it didn't seem to replace the emptiness she had felt since. She thought buying a new house and having a new job would change her life, but all of that wasn't really enough. She began by volunteering to take care of certain children in orphanages. Katia always dreamed of being a mother and was convinced that it was her vocation. She began in this foster family adventure on Mother's Day.

She filled out forms to welcome children; this step would completely change his life. She knew she had made the right choice and couldn't wait to see what happened next. Some time later, after taking care of some children, she received a phone call from a hospital informing her that a mother had just abandoned her 4 day old baby. She rushed to pick up the child because she had this thirst to take care of the children. Although the latter (the 4 day old baby) was still too young. She entrusted everything to God so that he could grant her help and assistance ... During examinations of the baby, tests showed that drugs were found in the child's body. Katia had a lot of passion for this baby. She loved him and felt the child was yours. The organization continued to search for birth parents, with no results. One second she received the same phone call in the same center telling her that another child was also abandoned to his fate. The examinations also showed that the child had traces of drugs in his body. Katia gave him the Name of Anna.

When she took the birth certificates for the first child and the second, she noticed that these two children had the same last name. Could it be that they have the same mother or just a coinidence! Eventually she looked for and found the birth mother of the child love at first sight, the children have the same mother. Thanks to her, the two children were able to experience joy.

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