Ashanti Region: Sakawa Boys Allegedly Murder 22 years Old Girl; Body Parts Removed.

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Death is inevitable and everyone will taste death. But the means through which certain death cases occur in Ghana these days is very terrible. Another sad news has been confirmed in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

According to the news update we received from one of the media houses this evening, a young Lady whose name had not been identified yet was found death in a river at Asante Akyem Konogo in the Ashanti Region.

According to the some of the people who rushed to the river when the news spread in the whole town, It was confirmed that the young lady was allegedly murdered by unknown Sakawa boys. This is because, some organs of the deceased has been removed by the unknown killers.

The Ghana police Officers at Akyem Konogo were invited to the scene to conduct the needed investigation so that, the killers would be arrested. The killers dumped her dead body in the river in other to cause the impressive that the young Lady drown.

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