I'm not giving up, says popular actress Funmi Awelewa, as she posts a new photo.

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Fans have continued to respond to a recent Instagram post by popular Nollywood actress Funmi Awelewa, aka Morili. The popular actress, who posted a photo of herself on Wednesday, stated that she has decided not to give up. She believes that abandoning a situation is never a good idea, which is why she has decided not to abandon her goals. According to Funmi, anyone who gives up on a situation is a weak person.

Her followers, on the other hand, have commented on the post. They think the actress's uploaded photo is captivating and lovely. They complimented her on her beauty. They also complimented her husband on how well he cared for her.

Funmi Awelewa is a popular Nollywood actress. Morili is the nickname given to her by her fans. The actress, who was born in Ibadan, has appeared in and produced a number of films. She has also received several honors.

Here are some of the comments from her fans below:

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