Lets Learn How To Prepare Kenyan Matoke Recipe

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What is Matoke.

Matoke also known as cooking banana, is a staple food in East Africa made from green bananas. It is an important part of the diet for many people in the region.

So today, I decided to share on how i prepare matoke. Its of Kisii origin so I decided to make it my own way.

Matoke can be made in different ways, but I like to make mine with beef or lamb. Its simple and hearty!

Easy to prepare but can fill you up for hours, great for lunch and dinner .


- Ten raw bananas


- Onions

- Garlic paste or garlic powder optional

- Coriander leaves optional

- 1 tablespoonfull of Salt


- Smear oil on your hands before peeling the bananas to avoid stickiness. Then wash the bananas.

- Stir fry the onions with oil then add tomatoes. Let the tomatoes soften, add the garlic paste then the bananas.

- Add water, then stir, after that add the coriander leaves, royco and salt.

- Cover them and let it cook for twenty five to thirty minutes till soft.

- Remove from heat and serve.

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