We will kill him before the police: Angry Youth amputate the hand of armed Robber - Angel TV reveals


The pressure is still on Government as well as the current Police officers in Ghana as a result of issues related to insecurities and many other factors pertaining to their office as agents that enforce law and order in the country. Many are of the great view that the high rate of unemployment among the mass youth is a great factor leading to the high rate of armed robbery in the Nation.

Another Notorious armed Robber has been arrested by some young group of people. The angry youth explained that, the notorious armed Robber made away with Iphone and laptop. He was not Lucky to run away with them and hence he was arrested mobbed for a while. The angry youth then decided to amputate his hand so that next time he won't rob people again. Since the youth were very determine, they really work with words, they find a sharp cutlass and cut off the right arm of the armed Robber.

The news was reported by Kwadwo Dickson from Angel TV on Orgasm news. One word from the aggressive men is that, they will kill him before the police will arrive at the scene. However, otherd plead they should hand him over to the police so that they will deal with him since they have amputate his hand; that alone is enough for him to learn a lesson.


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