Ruto's Name Missing As An International Organization Ranks Uhuru's Family The 4th Richest In Kenya

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Deputy President William Ruto is completely missing as an International organization called Oxfam has realised the top five richest people in Kenya. From the list that was realised today, President Uhuru Kenyatta's name has featured as among the five individuals and families who control more wealth than millions of Kenyans from across the country.

In the report, Sameer Naushad Merali, the son of the late billionaire Naushad Merali, is the richest individual in the country sitting on a fortune of Ksh89.6 billion (USD790 million).

He is followed by Bhimji Depar Shah, the founder of Bidco Group of Companies, and controls a fortune of Ksh85 billion (USD750 million).

Toping the list are the textile manufacturer Jaswinder Singh Bedi with wealth of Ksh77.1 billion (USD680 million), President Uhuru Kenyatta (and in extension the Kenyatta family) whose wealth stands at Ksh60 billion (USD530 million) and Mahendra Rambhai Patel with Ksh48.7 billion (USD430 million).

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