Why The Wedding Ring Is Put On The Fourth Finger


When two people who love each other decide to settle and spend the rest of their life together,they tie a knot using a ring in a wedding ceremony.A wedding ring is jewellery worn by couples to signify eternal love hence its shape .The ring is put on the fourth finger on the left hand but some countries like Denmark put on the fourth finger of the right hand according to what they believe.

The fourth finger which is called digitus medicinulios in anatomy is located between the little and middle finger.Why this finger?See the reasons below;

1.The finger is believed to have a vein called venaamoris which is also known as the vein of love which runs directly to the heart.This connects the hearts of the two lovers which makes their bond stronger.

2.To signify commitment of the newly wedded to each other.

3.The finger is regarded as the weakest compared to the others and when a wedding ring is placed on it,it reminds the couple's to rely on God for strength to have a spiritual marriage.

4.For the relationship to last longer.

5.The finger is the least used and most people are right handers hence the ring won't be damaged or get worn out easily.

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