How to balance your full-time job with a side hustle successfully


In Nigeria, being a full-time worker and having a side hustle is a lot to deal with and requires intense planning. For a lot of people, there is a constant need to make extra money and a side hustle easily covers that; however, to achieve this, you need certain skills to help you balance both. Here are 6 tips that will definitely help you work full-time and still run your business on the side.

Know that it won’t come easy

This is the first step - knowing. You need to come to terms with the fact that things will change, adjustments and sacrifices will have to be made.

You need to know your skills

This will go a long way to determine the kind of side business you can easily do. It is advisable to take a side hustle that will not affect your full-time job. Try to get skills and they should be super-flexible such that you will have the freedom to work during different hours of the day.

Set your goals

What is your purpose of starting the side hustle? What are you trying to achieve with it? You need to understand why you are doing it and set out a clear plan on how you intend to make money with the little time you will have.

Organize your plans

Do not let your side business affect your full-time job and this is why you need to organize your plans and follow it judiciously. That way, you keep your boss at work happy and also cash out from the business.

Take Advantage Of Your Time

Take advantage of every single minute you have and don't let your work drag out. This way, your side business will easily blend with your full-time job.

Don't forget to relax

Money is good but you shouldn't forget to relax. Take time off every week to rest, recharge and get ready to take on the new week with renewed energy.


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