Kantanka is 'history' in ten years


Kantanka cars standing in the Ghanaian market are like a rear fish in a deep blue sea.

Kantanka, a local vehicle manufacturer began like God's inspire engineering decades ago - despite the anti-feeding question that most of the inventions are spiritual and not science.

The man who was then, all Alpha and Omega of the company tried to dispel the rumors by giving the media rear access to all his inventions and how he made them.

Despite the evidence abound that these are reverse-engineering of models overseas Ghanaians still feel reluctant to use their cars and other inventions for reasons best known to them.

That has been the case until now, but it can boast of some achievements regardless of the unfaithful I can report it has a car assembly plant in Gomoa Mpota in Central Region, Although I disagree with the location, I thought it is relevant to boost the local economy there.

The company received little or no government support but yet keep on striving under the prevailing circumstances.

When President Nana Akuffo Addo came to power we taught with his huge incentives for foreign auto, Kantanka carmaker will be the launchpad in negotiations with foreign players to come to the Ghanaian market but what did we see?

Kantanka was relegated to the background and only sported recently to promise banks it has the technology to manufacture armored bullion vans.

Yes, leave that aside, because the point is, Kantanka is hard to see or sport on our streets why?

The company needs a vibrant investment for rebrandings like name change and more investment in R&D to qualify for prestigious standard certification.

In your absence, if you were asked to chose between Kantanka and Foreign-made cars which one would you go for?

Kantanka must be cheap like Chinese GSM handsets for their quality but hey Kantanka is expensive.

While the bad news for Kantanka after years is, it will be history in ten years if nothing is done to save the only Ghanaian automaker. 

It wise to build your own before you promote others my advice.

Eng Prof, a political science student, and benevolent advocate 

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