Here's what was spotted in a Spar that got South Africans talking and what they said. Opinion.

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If you've driven a car in South Africa, you may have encountered potholes. These are holes in the road that can damage your vehicle if you drive into them. Because of this drivers have to often swerve to avoid them. However what if you didn't have to deal with these potholes. Spar has come up with a solution and it got a lot of South Africans talking.

Interestingly, Spars solution to dealing with potholes is that we don't wait for the Government or municipalities to fix them, but instead we fix them ourselves.

The sign below shows us that they are trying to sell tar, for when people are tired of waiting for someone else to fix the potholes on their streets.

This of course got a lot of South Africans talking and here's what some of them had to say online.

As we can see, many people like this idea and are praising it, while a couple are talking about how they don't need it for their areas. However what does this mean for average South Africans.

My Opinion :

This actually has some serious implications, the fact that a product is being sold for regular people to fix a problem that is actually the job of the government, shows that the government is not doing their job.

Which brings into question where our taxes going, since that money is meant to be used to fix our Country.

While I applaud Spar for offering a solution to the potholes, I don't think people should adopt it yet. Instead I think people should continue to put pressure on their local municipality to fix their potholes. As it is their job to do so.

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