I am not an ordinary human being like you so stop playing with me- Prophet Ogya Nyame to Ghanaians

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According to the general overseer of the Grace Chapel Worldwide, Prophet Isaac Appiah who is popularly known as Prophet Ogya Nyame, he is not an ordinary human being like we see him to be and it is dangerous for anybody to joke with him.

Prophet Ogya Nyame made the headline in the news a few days ago after his prophecy on the match between Ghana and Nigeria failed to come to pass. After this incident, many Ghanaians especially social media users have come out throw shades at him over his failed prophecy.

While speaking at Kingdom fm yesterday, Prophet Ogya Nyame decided to hit back at all the people who are trolling him and he boldly said that, these people should stop playing with him because he is a big man of God and he is not just a normal human being.

According to him, he has the spirit of God living in him so anyone who tries to mock him is indirectly mocking God and such a person is going to face the wrath of God himself.

“See, those of you who are playing with me. Especially those on social media, you have to be very careful with me. I am not a normal human being like you. I have something in me and the spirit of God also lives in me so you have to stop playing with me before you start facing the wrath of God”, he boldly told Ghanaians on live radio.

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