"Wiper Party Won't Have any Discussion with a Wheelbarrow,"Kalonzo Musyoka Declared


The wiper leader konzo musyoka has turned to be aggressive creature to the surroundings and more so his opponents.Recently he dismissed any discussion concerning NASA coalition and vowed to give Raila Odinga a support come 2022.

Since kalonzo Musyoka has been giving backups to his counterparts especially the ODM party leader Raila Odinga for several times,it is another time he has decided to come out of sleep and he has to defend his firmness .He has declined any support to any of the political leaders.

On the other hand, wiper leader kalonzo musyoka has once again thrown a bombshell in UDA camp.Acccording to kalonzo,wiper party cannot have any conversation with a wheelbarrow.This means that he is not ready to host or to be hosted for a discussion with the deputy president who is the founder of wheelbarrows.

This messages to other political leaders have left many Kenyans in suspense as kalonzo decides to take a new direction.He has been seen holding discussions with other party leaders and even gave them the backup in the generaln elections but no benefit anymore from his backup as he ended up in opposition corner.

Kalonzo vowing not have a y discussion with deputy president William Ruto clearly indicates that he has the fully potential of going for the top seat for himself as other leaders do and he is not ready for any discussion.Indeed it is a year of change as many political leaders have developed selfishness and they not ready to relinquish the seats to others forcing their colleagues to fight for themselves as how kalonzo has decided.

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